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Be Thankful For the Warm and the Cold Temperatures

For people living in the northern hemisphere, December marks the time when the cold really arrives.

But often we try to reject the cold. Which is normal since we are warm blooded.

"Be mindful and thankful for the resources that bring the energy to warm you up"

As we go through climate changes it's important to be mindful of how our bodies respond.


Here are some tips and suggestions that can help you during this holiday season:

Try to inhale the cold friendly air, relax your shoulders, fill your stomach, feel the fire within and realize that its mother nature bringing the cold.

Once you get back into the warmth of a cozy room, be mindful and thankful for the resources that bring the energy to warm you up...even if it's just a candlelight.

Want to learn more? Connect with Christian Krattiger @ck21alchemy

Christian is a Social Worker + Founder of CK21 Alchemy where transformation to a more soulful life is at the center of his work.


About Christian Krattiger:

Christian Krattiger was born 1984 in Switzerland. He grew up in a rural part of the small European country. His father learned him many teachings about the Native Americans view of life. This spirit has resided in Christian ever since. As a teenager he always argued with his friends that a stone is a living being.

After college and then the military Christian made a 4 year apprenticeship in a youth home for girls. After receiving his bachelor degree in social work Christian worked 2 years as a sexual education teacher for the Aids Foundation of the State of Lucerne. In that time he fell in love with a girl from Lucerne and so he left his home base of northwest Switzerland to move into the heart of the country.

Two more years in another foster home before Christian became school social worker in 2013. That is his profession since then. he is a father of two wonderful children and he works alongside children from kindergarten to the end of high school and with their parents. During his time as school social worker he continued to educate himself in systemic trance, transdimensional therapy, meditation and psychology. He also dived deeper into some of his passions like archeology, geology, anthropology, numerology, etymology and philosophy.

Finally he brewed it all together into his very own CK21 Alchemy. Where transformation to a more soulful life is at the center of the work. He started his alchemy business in December 2020 and is now one year into making soul gold. And so he finally came back to his roots where the stone is a living being...just now he has a much more wisdom. He loves both of his jobs as he always learned a lot from his clients. As part of his alchemy he also leads a group of open water swimmers through October until the spring equinox. They meet always on Saturday for the sunrise to go into the cold water and meditate.

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