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Celebrating Fall Equinox With the Launch of Our Psychology + the Chakras Book Club Series!

We're celebrating Autumn Equinox with the launch of our Psychology + the Chakras Book Club Series! Join us this Fall + Winter as we explore Eastern Medicine + Western Psychology in this highly immersive virtual + in person community experience!!

Come together to expand + learn as a community through reading + experiencing Eastern Body, Western Mind by Anodea Judith!

Each month we explore a chapter of the book + expand our knowledge while diving into a series of complimentary reads, practices, offerings, + community experiences.

This program includes a network, daily support, monthly book club, and virtual + in person community events all designed to help you explore FreedOm at your own pace.

Our mission is to create an experiential journey to FreedOm through awareness + integration of psychology + the chakras.

Join us at our first in person SHAMAN ROOT CHAKRA community event on October 2nd from 2 - 3 pm at Kuantum Life in Cary.

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN? Register Today! Only 20 spots for our October 2nd event

Hummingbird Wellness will be joining us as we explore Shamanism + connect with this ancient wisdom of self discovery in this engaging + interactive community experience!

Shamans are highly spiritual practitioners who are believed to be visionaries and spiritual intermediaries. They spend their lives in pursuit of connecting with the nature of the universe. Usually, this pursuit of connection comes from a desire to better perceive truth and ultimate reality.

Shamans develop a deep understanding of the human body, medicinal herbs, and practices, as well as psychological insight to aid the people of their region. These practices were sought after throughout history, and are still revered today in underdeveloped and even developing countries.


At FreedOm Philosophy Collective, our mission is to serve our communities with accessible services and programs that celebrates people where they are and creates space for people to become radically FREE.

We are a community and network of wellness professionals and volunteers, a University and library of accessible programs and course offerings, and counselors and space for services and community outreach.

To learn more and join our community, subscribe today!


Are YOU an Ambassador of FreedOm?

We're looking for leaders and entrepreneurs who have taken the leap of Being FREE. If you're inspired by the exploration of FreedOm, we need Your help paving the way to empower others by advocating FreedOm.

APPLY TODAY! + tell us why You ARE an ambassador of FreedOm!


About Easter Body, Western Mind:

In this groundbreaking book, Anodea Judith brings a fresh approach to the Eastern chakra system, placing it within the framework of Western thought. Exploring the chakras through Jungain psychology, somatic therapy, childhood developmental theory, + metaphysics, she creates an elegant + practical system for healing energy imbalances + taking control of your mental + physical health.

Each chapter focuses on a single chakra, starting with a description of its characteristics + identity issues. Judith then examines that chakra's particular development patterns, its traumas + abuses, + how to keep it in balance. The unique combination of Eastern + Western theories elucidates the spiritual nature of personality development + how it fits within the structural logic of the body.

Seamlessly blending psychology + spirituality, Easter Body, Western Mind creates a compelling interpretation of the chakra system + its relevance for Westerns today.

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