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Embracing the Fall Shadows: A Season of Transformation

Our CEO + Founder, Cyn Marie, reminds us that as the autumn leaves fall and the days grow shorter, nature signals a season of change and transformation.

This natural shift in the environment resonates deeply with the cosmic spectacle of the Taurus 2023 lunar eclipse, signifying the close of a two-year cycle.

As the days grow shorter and the vibrant energy of summer starts to slow down, we find ourselves in the embrace of fall's long shadows, where transformation becomes a gentle dance with the fading light.

In the shadows of autumn, we find the courage to transform, just as the leaves embrace their vibrant change before they touch the ground.

The wisdom of this celestial event isn't limited to personal growth; it also extends to our pursuit of personal and professional freedom.

We offer you a moment to pause, breathe, and courageously explore how to harness the energy of the Taurus lunar eclipse for both personal and professional FreedOm.

"In the shadows of autumn, we find the courage to transform, just as the leaves embrace their vibrant change before they touch the ground."

The Significance of the Taurus 2023 Lunar Eclipse:

Stability: The Taurus energy teaches us that stability doesn't equate to rigidity. It encourages us to embrace change and flexibility as pathways to personal and professional freedom.

Cycles: The conclusion of the two-year cycle is a chance to reflect on our journey, recalibrate our goals, and liberate ourselves from the constraints that hinder our pursuit of freedom.

Renewal: As the lunar eclipse urges us to release, it presents a unique opportunity for renewal—a moment to unburden ourselves from attachments, habits, and patterns that have kept us from experiencing the full extent of our freedom.

Lunar Eclipse FreedOm Through The Chakras

These prompts are intended to guide you in the process of letting go, extending grace, and fostering transformation throughout your FreedOm journey.

Before you begin, create a safe space, make a nourishing fall treat, and grab a pen and journal for your reflections.

🌳 Root Chakra: What material attachments or financial concerns stand in the way of your personal stability and freedom, and how can you let go? What aspects of your work life or career have constrained your sense of professional stability, and how can you adapt to claim greater freedom?

🎨 Sacral Chakra: What routines or emotional attachments stifle your creativity and passion, and how can you break free from them? What outdated practices or work approaches hinder innovation, and how can you liberate your team's creative potential?

☀️ Solar Plexus Chakra: What limiting beliefs or self-doubts have held you back from personal freedom, and how can you regain your power and confidence? Are there doubts or self-imposed constraints within your career or professional life, and how can you empower yourself to overcome them?

💗 Heart Chakra: Are there unresolved conflicts or past grievances that prevent you from forming new, liberating relationships, and how can you open your heart to new connections? Have past misunderstandings or negative dynamics hindered your ability to create positive work relationships, and how can you foster a more open and harmonious professional atmosphere?

🦋 Throat Chakra: What truths have you held back from expressing, and how can you improve your communication and self-expression to reclaim personal freedom? Are there elements of your professional life where you've stifled your authentic voice or message, and how can you enhance your professional communication to break free?

🧿 Third Eye Chakra: What mental patterns or illusions cloud your judgment and vision for personal freedom, and how can you connect with your inner wisdom to gain clarity? Are there rigid thought patterns or tunnel vision that restrict your professional growth, and how can you encourage a more open-minded, visionary approach?

👑 Crown Chakra: How can you deepen your spiritual connection to fuel your pursuit of personal freedom, and what beliefs about the universe and your divine connection need reassessment or release? What is the higher purpose of your professional journey, and how can you align your actions with this purpose, infusing your work with greater meaning and freedom?

Integrate Your Learning

Take time to meditate on these prompts, allowing your thoughts and feelings to arise naturally. Journal your responses or simply reflect in quiet contemplation.

This lunar eclipse reflection is an invitation to explore and honor the intricate interplay of energy within you as you strive for a balanced and fulfilling work-life integration.

What takeaways did you gain from the experience?

  • How will you integrate your learnings in your daily life?

  • What is ONE commitment to yourself as an affirmation of self love that will help you integrate your learnings in your daily life?

Want to learn more about the Chakras? Check out our Psychology + the Chakras program for an experiential journey to FreedOm!

Want to learn more? Connect with Cyn Marie @cyn.mariebastos + @freed.omphilosophy

Cyn Marie is an Executive Wellness Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, + Yoga Instructor passionate about the intersection of personal + professional FreedOm.


About Cyn Marie: Check out this article by Bold Journey!

My vision has always been to empower our members with the necessary tools and unwavering support to not only succeed but also to drive lasting change in the lives of those they serve. Our community is a collective of passionate individuals dedicated to supporting wellness professionals and creative entrepreneurs in their journey to FreedOm.

Together, we've developed educational programs, mentoring services, and a powerful network, all designed to nurture a sense of purpose and community among our members. The impact of FreedOm Philosophy has been profound, with our members not only thriving in their own ventures but also actively contributing to the betterment of society.

My mission as the founder of FreedOm Philosophy has been to redefine the concept of wellness, making it extend far beyond individual well-being and into the broader community. The interconnectedness between personal well-being and societal well-being has been at the heart of our mission, and I'm proud to see it making a tangible difference in the world. This journey is a testament to the transformative power of a clear vision, unwavering determination, and the belief that positive change can be achieved through wellness and community.

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