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NEW Discounted Offering from our Ambassador, Brooke Vick!

We are so grateful + honored to share this discounted offering from our Ambassador, Brooke Vick! Brooke is an, Entrepreneur, Fierce Leader for Women, Owner of BeYou, Bonus mum, Motivational Speaker and Branding Consultant.


We are living in a time right now where there is so much required of us as women yet not always the acknowledgment that we deserve. With that it is so important to surround self with other women to feel the energy of empowerment.

Our Mind, Body & Soul should be cared for in such a beautiful divine way that you feel unbreakable each and every day.

Our intention through these 12 weeks is to embody transformation through mind, body and soul actions and activities. In doing this you’ll tap into what your needs are and how to truly honor self.

When we do this we give notice to the world on how to treat us too. Without a healthy mind; the body will not respond the way you desire and without that alignment the soul waivers with trying to find joy outside of ourselves.

"Our Mind, Body & Soul should be cared for in such a beautiful divine way that you feel unbreakable each and every day."


  • Three 1:1 Divine Coaching Sessions ( Value $300)

  • 3 Soul Guides ( Value $300)

  • 24/7 Online Accountability Access Group

  • Weekly Action Sheets (Value $150)

  • Weekly Zoom Call ( Value $540)

  • Weekly Movement Session ($360)

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN? Connect with Brooke Vick @theselflovebabe + take advantage of this discounted offering, FREE!


At FreedOm Philosophy Collective, our mission is to serve our communities with accessible services and programs that celebrates people where they are and creates space for people to become radically FREE.

We are a community and network of wellness professionals and volunteers, a University and library of accessible programs and course offerings, and counselors and space for services and community outreach.

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About Brooke:

A bold empath is who Brooke Vick The Self Love Babe is. A unwavering coach and holder of sacred space for other women is what She is known for; but truly she’s just like you. A woman who knew that on the other side of life's trials there was the light that could shift her life into balance. A tea lover, an ocean seeker and a soul that loves to travel. She has been coaching women for over a decade; with her degrees in Psychology and Kinesiology she has a huge emphasis on teaching others how to understand the mind and drop into their heart space to connect to their body . She has also been working her light in grounding others, reading oracle cards and channeling for the past 3 years. She has led hundreds of women in breaking FREE + living a life they truly feel connected to from the inside out. Her soul mission is to use her divine gifted tools to create a space for others to tap into their full potential. She is the creator and owner of The BEYOU Tribe and The Self Love Gang which hosted online women's empowerment challenges the past 4 years and 1:1 coaching for the past 10 years.

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